Award Liptovská Hviezda (Liptov Star) for Restaurant of Penzion Tempo Tatry

Liptovská Hviezda (Liptov Star) for Restaurant of Penzion Tempo Tatry

Our restaurant was awarded by prestigious award Liptovská Hviezda (Lipton Star) bestowed by local tourism organization REGION LIPTOV.

certifikat restauracia hviezda

Press release:


On Liptove presented stellar restaurants. 
Liptovské restaurants are among the best in Slovakia. This conclusion was reached after more than a month lasting anonymous Přepadovka catering facilities in the region of the jury in the project called Liptovská star. Certificate of exceptional quality from today boast two restaurants that received the most points sovereign. 
Eating in restaurants liptov should be for guests an experience you will want to repeat anytime. This criterion is considered a four person committee to decide on the allocation stars as crucial.
"We are pleased that our devices have also found that this requirement can be met. The full number of stars of this year, the Hotel three wells in the Demänovská Valley Hotel and Liptovsky held in Janska valley. Convinced not only gastronomy, but also quality of service, after which most frequently call. I hope that this review will assist them in obtaining the most demanding clients as well publicized throughout the region, " notes Darina Bartková, Director of Regional Tourism Organisation region Liptov, which oversaw the project.

"We are very happy that our equipment will shine three star quality. It gives us immense závӓzok because expectations are high ratings and if they do not want to come on, customers must not disappoint. But I believe in our abilities and I guarantee that efforts to improve, we will not miss even after this award, " did not hide his joy hotel manager Liptovsky Justice Richard Holec.
Panel members agreed that get the highest award is easier to justify it later. Three Stars them but at least the next two years, when they again set to inspectors, nobody marry.
"The fact that we have decided to assign the highest rating does not mean that the said restaurants are faultless. The number, however, is negligible compared to the other. Najvӓčšia weakness in many devices remains a communication and what is the saddest, the foundations of social behavior. It was confirmed that the owners of catering facilities must not only train workers, but also to educate, " recalled the landlady of 2013 and a member of the Commission Iveta Chovanová.
After two stars got Pension Dragon in Demӓnovej, Restaurant Relax hotel Sojka of Malatín and Wellness Hotel Chopok in Demӓnovskej valley.
"I admit that some level of service we pleasantly surprised. I believe that the publication of the evaluation results reach the viewfinder visitors who of them still can not realize, " added another member of the Commission, Marian Polak of the Hotel Janosik.

One star will be able to boast pӓť restaurants: Tempo Tatry Pribylina, Grand Castle Liptovsky Hradok, Restaurant Hotel Janosik Liptovsky Mikulas, Ristorante Camino Ruzomberok and Villa Betula Liptovská Sielnica. " I have confirmed that the level of gastronomy and related services is growing rapidly. However, it is still a lot of things that we should and could change in Slovakia that our chefs cooking had their hands tied and can unleash the imagination. Restaurant owners should also be aware that gastronomy is not about a quick profit, but over the long haul and in particular about the honesty towards customers and its own employees. Only in this way we can move forward, " calls one of the best chefs in Slovakia Gabriel Kocak.