Miroslav Bolvanský
Ubytovanie na súkromí
IČO: 31084133


Pribylina 3
032 42 Pribylina
Slovak Republic


+421 905 400 247
+421 445 293 337

How to get here?:By car:

Once on the highway D1 from Ruzomberok direction Poprad, take the exit L.Hradok/Podbrezova/Podbanske, follow direction Podbanske for approx. 6km, then take the first turn right to Pribylina. It is the second house on your left, enter and go to the back to the boarding-house “Penzion Tempo Tatry”.

By bus:

Some long-distance connections stop in Pribylina, in this case walk back few hundred meters to the beginning of the village, if not, change in Liptovsky Hradok to continue with a local bus to Pribylina, 1st stop Primary school ("Zakladna skola").

By train:

to Liptovsky Mikulas, or Liptovsky Hradok, then change to the bus.

By plane:

to the airport Poprad-Tatry, then by bus directly to Pribylina, or by train to Lipt. Hradok, then by bus to Pribylina - 1st stop "Zakladna skola".

Reservation and booking:

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